If my Heart had Wings.

If my Heart had Wings.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Upcycled owls.

Recently I have been taking inspiration from my local animal rescue centre, Secret World. They have a collection of rescued owls that I felt the need to include in my artwork. These two paintings I have here to show on my blog are of a beautiful Barn owl.

 These paintings were created on canvas. The background has been made up from upcycled fabric, collaged paper and flower motifs from my daughters outgrown clothes.

 I then painted a layer of gesso over this background. This was followed by a layer of brown acrylic paint.

 Crackle glaze, applied to add interest to the texture ( I love this stuff!)

And finally, the owl was painted in oil paints, and the sky and stars. Oh, and a little crayon to the flowers.

I am working on some paintings with Twinkle in.

Sadly Twinkle died this week, aged 16.

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