If my Heart had Wings.

If my Heart had Wings.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Got my new specs!

Got some new Monsoon readers and getting on with my Glastonbury Thorn. So nice to see close-up!
I'm a slow artist. Painted the flowers at the weekend sat in beautiful sunshine whilst my daughter was paddling in her pool. 
A thunder storm last night so sat in a slightly cooler garden and about to paint the berries. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Glastonbury thorn, Tor

Just started working on my next series of paintings. I have a canvas painted and ready for the layers of the image. 
 I'm feeling very inspired by the Tor. I only live a few miles up the road. This is an image I caught yesterday. A glorious sunny day, not windy and you could see for miles. 

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Etsy discount code. A little treat

A thank you discount code for following my blog.
20% in my Etsy shop, type 

My world

on any purchase.

Art for sale

£10 inc. postage.
Butterflies and stars, made from recycled fabric, beads and sequins.
The little canvas has been painted with acrylic with a sprinkling of glitter.
Gold acrylic stars.
10cm x 10cm

In the Pink
£10 including postage
Acrylic painting on paper, sequins and glitter.
9cm x 14cm approx, mount 20cm x 25cm

Interested in buying my work? Please email me. 

Art for sale

£10 inc. postage
Butterfly and daisies.
My little butterfly has been made from recycled fabric, beads and sequins.
The canvas has been painted with acrylic, a sprinkling of glitter and some sequins.
10 cm x 10cm

Art for sale

£10 inc postage.
One of my little butterflies, made from recycled fabric, sequins and beads.
The canvas background has been painted in acrylic with some glitter and sequins (again).
10cm x 10cm

Friday, 24 August 2012

A little freebie

I've recently started a new page on facebook and I am looking for 'likes'.
Be in the first ten to like 'mollys follies' and there will be little goody bag for one lucky winner. There will be future competitions :D
Look for moo and you will know that are on the right page!